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Qigong for Health

Wednesdays, 8:30 AM

Ongoing class - Wednesdays,  

Instructor:  Tara Tech,   

Fee per class:  $6 for Members, $9 for Non-Members.

(No charge SilverSneakers®, Silver & Fit®, Optum®-Renew Active members) -  (50% charge to Optum® 50 / Be Well / Dime members); Check your eligibility with your health insurance company, then take a few minutes to register with us at the front desk.

About the class:  Millions of people around the world today practice Qigong (chee-gong), an ancient Chinese healing technique, to successfully heal from a myriad of diseases, improve general health, support longevity, and promote happiness and a better mental attitude. Qigong consists of slow, gentle movements, self-massage, breathing, and focus/meditation. Qigong practice can provide relief from stress & pain, enhance immune function, increase flexibility, aid in recovery from injury or traumatic events, reduce fatigue, balance cortisol levels, help prevent illness, and more. The linking of body movements, breath and focus helps improve functions of the parasympathetic nervous system, which calm the body and mind down, reduce nervousness and muscle tension, improves deep breathing and can help with relaxation and deep sleep.

About the instructor:  Tara Tech, a passionate advocate for health and nutrition, is a successful certified Qigong instructor, certified health & cancer coach, and Reiki Master Teacher with a background in nursing. She often speaks and offers classes on health and wellness. After having cancer touch the lives of many of her friends and family members, including her husband, best friend, step-dad and 24 year old nephew, Tara went to school and researched diligently to learn holistic ways to help people heal. She found Qigong to be one of the most effective yet easiest and most gentle ways of helping all people heal. Tara, with a unique, caring way of teaching that many find refreshing, is dedicated to helping people heal, feel better, and live a happy, healthy life. Helping others achieve optimal health and vitality is her life’s mission. Tara is delighted to share the wonderful way of Qigong, the art and science of Chinese energy healing with others in her community.  


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